Women Empowering Change Through Their Touch

The power of women plays a fundamental role in the progress and development of societies. At The Grannie, we embrace an innovative approach to increase women’s economic empowerment and contribute to the development of their communities. In this article, we will explore the unique contribution of The Grannie to women’s employment.

To support women’s employment, The Grannie produces all its products in women’s cooperatives. These cooperatives help empower women, enabling them to gain economic independence and contribute to the development of their communities. Moreover, 50% of the revenue from the sale of The Grannie products is shared with these cooperatives, ensuring that women earn a fair income from their work.

However, The Grannie’s support for women’s employment is not limited to this. It also allows women to preserve traditional handicrafts and integrate them into the modern world. By combining traditional crafts such as quilting, wire bending, and beadwork with innovative designs, products are created. This way, women can sustain their traditional skills and become owners of their own businesses.

The innovative contribution of The Grannie to women’s employment and cooperative development is not just a brand activity but also a social change movement. Recognizing and supporting the power of women is vital for a sustainable future. At The Grannie, we celebrate the power of women and continue to support their stronger tomorrows by embracing these values.

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